Lisa Weinzierl‘s instruments are characterised by clear aesthetic elements, the use of carefully chosen materials and fascinating craft techniques such as the French polish. She believes a perfect setup and functionality is of uttermost importance to the instrument‘s completion, giving musicians freedom and reliability.

Her work is deeply inspired by the study of outstanding classical guitars. As the only restorer at Siccas Guitars, she had access to a large number of the best instruments in the world. Throughout her making process, she constantly develops her ideas while drawing on this valuable knowledge.

Lisa‘s highly skilled craftmanship is certified by the prestigious German Crafts Master Certificate (Meisterbrief). She is the recipient of a Gold Medal and the Master Craftsman Award of the Bavarian state government.

She initially trained at the well-known Instrument Making School in Mittenwald. She then undertook intensive research and work experience over many years with renowned luthiers such as Gernot Wagner, Andreas Kirschner, Gert Esmyol, Peter Ziegler, Christopher Schuetz and Leo Sprenger.

Lisa is currently working with the long-established London based instrument and bow makers W. E. Hill and Sons under the direction of Stefan-Peter Greiner and Robert Brewer Young. It is in this creative and vibrant environment and in her workshop in Bavaria (Germany) that she realises her guitar making projects.